Smartkey Wellness System

Here’s your key to a total wellness solution. The Smartkey, as the name implies, is a key-shaped microchip that collects information about your workout as you move throughout the fitness area.

For starters, the Smartkey is programmed by a wellness coach for a one-time cost of $39. The first session includes an aerobic test, a strength test, and instructions on how to use the kiosk. Then during each visit, you simply insert your Smartkey into a console attached to each machine and continue with your workout. Data on your workout is automatically stored on the Smartkey.

Your wellness coach will monitor your progress, and after 12 weeks it is recommended that you reprogram your Smartkey for $25. This will allow you to meet again with a wellness coach who will retest you and reprogram your Smartkey, thus allowing you to track your progress.

Wellness Coaches
A wellness coach is always available to help you with a workout. We have five wellness coaches available:
Kim Zamora
Kim Zamora

Candace Roller
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