Group Fitness


As a reminder, it is the policy of the Belton Park Department to cancel all aerobics classes with the cancellation of the Belton School District. Take a look at all of our current schedules here.


All aerobics classes listed below are included with your membership. Classes are held in the Aerobic Room or multipurpose rooms. Ask front desk staff if you have questions as to where a class is being held. Please be aware that classes with low attendance may be taken off the schedule at anytime!  

Due to safety precautions, we ask that strollers and kids under 8 years of age remain outside of the aerobic classrooms.



  • Basic Yoga-yoga Basic smooth flow, child's pose, downward dog, warrior 1 and 2-keep it basic for a wonderful stretch.
  • Beast Mode-Challenging Class, You will be pushed to the edge in this beast of a Boot Camp class.
  • Body Attack-Hit the abs, hips, gluts and thighs, arms shoulders, back. No muscle will be neglected, always different and never boring, 
  • Body Blast-A mix of cardio and weights.
  • Cardio Beats-energetic mid impact class combines dance and athletic moves. All fitness levels.Layered so you get the moves and control the intensity. TONING add weights to make a complete workout!
  • Cardio Chaos-High paced movements w/ strength training. Challenging cardio where everything is fair game!
  • Cardio Strength- Combine fun and fitness to increase your cardiovascular, muscular endurance.
  • Chair yoga-yoga made simple in a chair. Challenging flow stretch and strengthen with gentle yoga. 
  • Forever Fit 1 &2- Lower impact but harder than Silver Sneaker format.  Level 1 is easier than Level 2, which is a little amped up with line dancing thrown in.
  • Interval Intensity-class is usually held upstairs, weights and cardio intervals.
  • MuscleWorx-Weights, bands, & bars are used to build muscle and strength to raise metabolism and give you that toned body you are looking for!
  • Mat/Pilates-A total body conditioning exercise method combining flexibility and strength, improving balance and posture.
  • Pilates Mashup- Blend of yoga & pilates. You'll improve core strength & flexibility at the same time!
  • Piyo Strength-A blend of yoga and pilates you'll improve core strength and flexibility and eliminate some stress.
  • Pound-.Always changing it up-never boring uses Intervals to torch maximum calories and get the heart a pounding!!!
  • Power Yoga-  Bursts of aerobic activity with traditional strength & flexibility poses.
  • Rip it up!-Shred your muscles to keep building strength and definition. 
  • Refit and Tone-using various elements of fitness, cardio dance and fun music ending with a toning session fro your entire body!
  • Shred- this class will leave your muscles screaming! Heavy weights used! Shred your body to the next level!
  • SilverSneakers Classic-Combine fun and fitness to increase your cardiovascular and muscular endurance power with a standing circuit workout. A chair is offered for support, stretching, and relaxation exercises.

  • Sit Stretch and Strengthen- Props such as bands and blocks will be used to do Yoga with modifications; principals of alignment will be looked at for every participant to stay safe and challenged.

  • Sports Performance- Classes are done outside (weather permitting) at the garage, using non-traditional methods, including tire flipping, sled pulling and more.

  • Steppin’UP-Step is used for Cardio workout!  Step it UP!
  • Straight to the Core-Pilate Based class mat and standing. Balance, focus and let’s get straight to the CORE!
  • Tranquil Yoga-Rejuvenate and relaxing practice yet gentle yoga practice that focus on breath stretching & alignment.
  • Yoga Flow-End a great cardio and strength workout with a Yoga Flow Sequence.
  • Zumba-This is a fun, different, easy, and effective class. We create a party-like atmosphere! This is a fitness class designed for everyone!
  • Zumba Gold-A fun-filled workout with a party like atmosphere, but designed for the active adult population or a truly beginner student!